Jenny van der Wall (voc)


Though she doesn't stand in need to (as she's been touring round the world for years in bigger or smaller bands and choirs ...), this young talent accompanies the Barflies to help them in good or in bad times as the new singer and enrich the band for some new facets in a charming and unspoilt way.

Tex Morton (guit)

Tex Morton

(LÜDE UND DIE ASTROS, SUNNY DOMESTOSZ, LOLITAS, CHAINSAW HOLLIES, MAD SIN, FABSI UND DER PEANUTSCLUB [ex MIMMIS]), is a true Barfly - he can hold his drink - he returned to Fifi De L'Amour and jumped on the BARFLIES bandwagon in January 2002 and wrote history as their rockin' guitarist for example on "the legendary spring tour 2002", or the unforgettable Variety Theatre Chameleon. We're proud to say:
"He's A Barfly!!!"...
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Sir Bastian the Nasty One (db)

Sir Bastian

... never wanted to become a musician actually. Even when he was a small boy and played the guitar, there were too many strings on the instrument and he found himself playing the bass licks. He grabbed gladly to the bass. In his first band he was hardly to be seen - always hiding behind his amplifier. He started playing the Double Bass to hide himself even more. Why did he join the BARFLIES? He was at the right place at the right time and could certainly drink like a Barfly... He joined the band! A true Barfly!
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On demand BARFLIES also play as a quartet, a quintet or supported by a Swing-Bigband.

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